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No Shear Droop


Fine blanking process technology

Use common Crank punch press, to achieve continuous fine blanking!



1. Collapse angle is bigger, which is about the unilateral clearance value;

2. Euphotic belt length is about half of the plate thickness;


3. The broken section height is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the plate thickness;

4. The broken belt length affects  quality of the product, and meanwhile affects the assembly function of the cross section of the products.

4. Continuous fine blanking technology is a new technology that combines extrusion, continuous stamping mould design, mould precision machining with servo stamping technology.

5. Most of the parts are manufactured through using CNC milling, turning, grinding and other machining methods, electromachining, or sinter molding + machining, or stamping (die casting) + machining and other methods. But through fine blanking technology technology, the processing time is significantly reduced, the processing cost is reduced, and the conventional mechanical processing is replaced on the premise of guaranteeing the quality.



6. Fine blanking mould has very high requirements for mould processing surface quality, to achieve mirror cut surface quality, and the related mold parts also need mirror machining.

7. The plates will be processed into the complicated three-dimensional shape through the fine blanking technology, reducing the materials cost, improving the production efficiency and shortening the delivery cycle.

5. Hard woods can realize undamaged section cutting.