Stamping die and Metel stamping parts supplier - NEWSKY

About delivery
Ship to anywhere in the world:

- Our delivery anywhere in the world
- Our warehouse is located in the city of Shenzhen in China.
- Sending stamping die and injection mold in wooden box, Machining parts and stamping parts in cardboard box
- Our quotation usually based on EXW price
- Tell us your port of shipment and we will offer you a competitive shipping rate

Delivery way:

- DHL 
- EMS (5~12days)
- Air small packet (10~20Days)
- By sea ( For Heavy objects such as molds, 20~50Days) 

About payment:

1. Machining parts and ooling payment method; Down payment 50%, sample qualified 50%, Pay off before tooling delivery.
2. Stamping or injection parts payment method: Payment period of 30~60 days is acceptable
(Remark:If the exchange rate or the price of materials changes by more than 5%, both parties are entitled to price adjustment)