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We specialize in progressive stamping die, Cold Forging Progressive, Fine blanking processing,No Shear Droop and deep drawing. Wish to discuss related technologies.with you。
We have servo press and Crank Press from 60T to 300T, fit to make a kinds of precision stamping parts such as Automotive,Electronic,cell phone,OA etc.
We make Jig for automation and Auto parts measurement equipment too.Welcome contact with me.
Technique Feature
NEWSKY Designer has skill in CAD/CAM/ and Finite element analysis. They like challenging work in metal stamping processing such as Cold Forging Progressive (we call it CFP), Fine blanking processing and No Shear Droop (we call it NSD), welcome to with you to discuss related technologies.....
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Quality information
The  fundamental value of the enterprise is to provide customers with good quality products and services.We meet our quality requirements by formulating quality objectives, method of operation standard book, job training to .Quality objective: Don't accept the bad,Don't make the bad,Don’t delivery the bad.According to the departments, we formulated Parts processing and inspection operation instruction, Engineering department operation instruction, Process operation instruction, Mould processing and maintenance operation instruction, QC inspection operation instruction, Quality assurance system chart, etc.,
Delivery Information
Usually, the progress tooling manufacturing cycle in 15 days to 30 days, and sample delivery in 17~35days.Metal stamping according to your PO delivery schedule. We have experience in Export to Europe, United States, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan...
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Welcome to inquiry with NEWSKY.
Please provide the drawings for to make inquiry. Our designer can open .step, .igs, .dwg, .dxf, .x_t, .part,.pdf files. and please let me know What you need. it‘s bettler if you give me BOM for all parts ( Material, Suface,Technical requirements and MOQ etc.).
We will provide quotation in 2days after received your database.
If you need, Will make DFM and Feasibility analysis before design, We are waiting for you in here,
Mail: newsky@newsky-tech.com
Why choose us?
We have been specialized in sheet metal stamping manufacturing for more than decades of years.
Personal approach towards customers. You are not just a job number, you are a Tangen customer. The individual attention you receive from our highly trained staff is unparalleled in the industry.
Attention to Detail. Every quote we send out and every product we made is reviewed by a project specialist and a knowledgeable manager, not simply run through an estimating or design computer. This personal attention, in conjunction with our profession, is what sets us apart from the rest of the field.
Competitive pricing. Our plant maybe not huge. Our office possibly is not gorgeous. But we have experienced engineers,well trained technicians and hearts full of responsibility. We run a highly efficient company. We have been always looking for ways to produce a better product at a lower price.
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